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Service Upgrades in Jacksonville, FL

Are you interested in upgrading your home's electrical capacity or supply? Then consider electrical service upgrades in Jacksonville, FL. Service upgrades can increase a home's power, giving the home owner the ability to run computers, air conditioners, and other electronics without the risk of burning down the house.

Most homes have an electrical supply of 60 to 120 volts; however, after service upgrades are completed, a home can increase its supply to over 200 volts. This added capacity gives homeowners the additional power needed to operate non-essential electronics such as hot tubs, without tripping a circuit breaker or causing voltage drop offs.

Demands of today's electronics require extra capacity. Older homes, especially, don't facilitate that without service upgrades in Jacksonville, Florida.

If you've recently installed new electronics, appliances, or fixtures and are now experiencing power cut offs, voltage drop offs, and blackouts, contact McDonald Electric for your service upgrades in Jacksonville, FL. Often, issues like voltage drop offs can cause additional damages to the sensitive electronic equipment within a home. As well a home that has upgraded electrical capacity won't rely on a jumbled mess of extension cords to properly power their appliances and other goods.

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Panel Changes in Jacksonville, FL

If you are planning or have recently completed any type of remodeling or home addition, you'll need to make panel changes in Jacksonville. When a home is remodeled or an addition is added to an existing property, the new outlets and other electronic components will require more electricity to properly function. Panel changes in Jacksonville will provide the additional circuits needed for new electronic appliances, fixtures, and other electronic related goods.

In the 1950s, the average circuit box had around 20 circuits per box. Today, new panels can host over 60 circuits. New circuit breakers are safer than older models and are more adept at preventing sparking from outlets and the electrical fires that unfortunately often result.

McDonald Electric provides affordable and timely panel changes and service upgrades in Jacksonville, FL. We upgrade electric services for the residents of Jacksonville and the following communities: Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Riverdale, Arlington, Nocatee, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine, Callahan, Yulee, Fernandina Beach, Riverside, Baldwin, MacClenny, and Amelia Island, FL.